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Find Method
in Madness...

Predict, IMPROVE,
strategize Better

Compare variety of data in today's enterprise needs more simplistic visualization.

We are helping our clients to make better sense of the ever increasing volume , variety & velocity of data being collected in today's connected world.

Trigma's data visualization services enable data insights that go far beyond traditional enterprise MIS.

We offer cognitive data visualization to many global clients. We employ latest todos for data modeling and data mapping. Thus enabling faster and more informed business decision making.

Beautiful Analytics
your business will

Trigma self use Analytics Studio provides flexible API for creating embedded analytics that convey right information more clearly.


Microsoft Power BI

Get Agile Business Intelligence to work for your business



Integrate Microsoft Power BI into your Business Intelligence strategy at organization level.



Customized Process BI dashboards and interactive reports keep you informed of the most important Business KPIs



Connect various data input systems into a single BI strategy to help manage the variety of the data efficiency.


Go Mobile

Integrate Power BI into single sign-on mobile applications to leverage the uniquity of contextual mobile devices.



Its your data keeping you control market driven uncertainty? Power BI helps monitor key business metrics more efficiently.



On-site Power BI implementation, customization and training lets your mid level managers explore vast amount of data easing and cost effectively.

Software prototyping meets Agile

Agile Labs at Trigma specialize in App prototyping as a service. Our Agile UI developers offer an
unprecedented speed and clarity to deliver app prototypes that un-complex software development .


First meeting. You present us with your vision for the product and we gather the main requirements.


Top level plan. We decide on milestones and priorities.

Solution Architecture

We create the main architecture based on functional and non-functional requirements.

Solution Architecture2

We create the main architecture based on functional and non-functional requirements.


Case Study
21st Mar, 2018

Data Science

Developing a Social Media Analysis Strategy for a Global Plastics Manufacturer.

Radhika Verma and Sumit Sharma
Case Study
18th Jan, 2018

Data Science

The self sufficient Data Analyst.

Steven Rosald
Case Study
20th Nov, 2017

Data Science

Predictive Data Analysis in Action - The Collaboration of youtube channels

Prashant Ojha