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Trigma is a leading digital technology services and consulting company enabling clients across 16 countries to create and execute strategies for digital transformation.


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Trigma will organize an analysts' meet at hotel Greenview Resorts in Luckhnow on May 7, 2018

  • about 3 days ago

Blockchain... The chain of happy citizens. #blockchainpublic

  • about 1 week ago

Everyday is #earthday at Trigma

  • about 12 hours ago


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Case Study
24th Jul, 2017

Product Engineering

To do or not to do - The Dilemma of building hybrid apps.

Abhishek Kanwar
Case Study
18th Jan, 2018

Product Engineering

Its' quiet Reactive... The disruptive genes of REACT platform of app development.

Puneet Chopra and Aakash Jindal
Case Study
20th Nov, 2017

Data Science

Predictive Data Analysis in Action - The Collaboration of youtube channels

Prashant Ojha
Trigma-The journey of 8 years

We set out on the pursuit to deliver technology to address our clients' toughest challenges, all while seeking to revolutionize and disrupt the IT industry and create positive social change. This is the story of Trigma's journey so far...


Our clients are people and organizations with ambition and imagination to unleash the power of IT for their businesses and ideas.

Samsung Samsung
Shell Shell
Suzuki Suzuki
IcarAsia IcarAsia
Hero Hero
Whirlpool Whirlpool
Pocket-toons Pocket-toons
Government Government
HistoryTv HistoryTv
British-Council British-Council
Lego Lego
Toyrus Toyrus
Banana-Republic Banana-Republic
Burgerking Burgerking
Rayban Rayban
Ridein Ridein
Disney Disney
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Hitachi Hitachi
Timberland Timberland

Our company is our product

Trigma's US operations - Our CEO on the initiative to be where our customers are.

We just have to be the happiest team around and we will automatically be the most progressive team around - CEO's address.


The higher law - You get what you give... Being a socially responsible organization - Project Spektr.


Our Leadership

  • Ajay Sharma-Chief Executive Officer-Trigma

    Ajay Sharma

    Chief Executive OfficerLinkedIn
  • Piyush Sood-Chief Operating Officer-Trigma

    Piyush Sood

    Chief Operating OfficerLinkedIn
  • Prashant Sood-Chief People Officer-Trigma

    Prashant Sood

    Chief People OfficerLinkedIn
  • Sunil Chadha-Global Head-Delivery-Trigma

    Sunil Chadha

    Global Head - DeliveryLinkedIn
  • Puneet Chopra-Global Head-Business-Trigma

    Puneet Chopra

    Global Head - BusinessLinkedIn
  • Abhishek Kanwar-Head Product Reasearch & Development-Trigma

    Abhishek Kanwar

    Head - Product Research & DevelopmentLinkedIn